Lunch & Learn Interest Form

The Indigenous Evaluation Network (IEN) is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural Lunch & Learn Series in 2024. This cumulative series is designed to provide participants with a valuable branded notebook. The IEN is offering three distinct types of lunch and learn sessions that cater to varying levels of experience and expertise.

  • The first series is intended for individuals who are new to evaluation and seek to understand what an Indigenous Evaluation Framework entails.
  • The second series is tailored to those who already possess knowledge of evaluation methods and are prepared to establish an Indigenous Evaluation Framework. This type of session is particularly relevant for individuals operating within a clearly defined community and having established relationships, such as a band or political organization.
  • The third series of sessions cater to individuals with prior knowledge of evaluation and who are ready to prepare an Indigenous Evaluation Framework. This type of session is specifically tailored for those operating within a diversified and challenging-to-reach population.

Join the IEN Lunch and Learn series today to connect with others working on Indigenous evaluations and support the advancement of knowledge in this field.

All evaluators who focus on Indigenous issues and institutions, programs, and affiliates who wish to support this work are welcome to apply. Our first meeting will occur on an early Wednesday afternoon in June 2024. Meetings will be held once a month and last for 1.5 hours. Homework assignments will be communicated via email.