Our missions enable us as Indigenous evaluators and program service providers to come together to expand the field of Indigenous evaluation for the benefit of Indigenous communities.

View Evaluation as a Sacred Undertaking

  • Holding communities in our hearts, and with us as we look into our spirits.
  • Having a place to share and come together, such as an Academic Lodge and an independent Lodge.
  • Beginning all work in both Indigenous Language, followed by its translation to improve understanding of what is being asked of the community as we conduct our ceremonies.

Maintain Program Development and Design Advocacy

  • Conducting pilot projects all the way through from project design to evaluation reports.
  • Acting with, and for Mino Bmaadziwin — The Good Life.
  • Writing policy papers on program design. Advocating for the value and benefit of re-designing funding to include the entire community in the design, implementation, and evaluation processes.

Exemplify Reciprocity and Giving Back to the Community

  • Clarifying how evaluation practices will enhance the community’s resiliency.
  • Re-defining evaluation as a practice that builds the community up.
  • Involving Chiefs, Tribal Leaders and Program Managers to learn about the benefits of the Land.

Providing Youth Mentorship

  • Building capacity with Youth and Elders to foster an interest in evaluation.
  • Developing a mentorship program for Youth and Elders with clear goals, objectives, and a plan for measuring progress.
  • Mentoring and providing space for youth to sit on the Network’s Board of Directors.

Unify and Celebrate Indigenous Evaluation

  • Regularly organizing, and connecting a group to share resources, models and other information
    for use across Indigenous lands.
  • Formulating a green document that shows where we work, what we do, and our respective
    areas of expertise to share with each other when needed for our respective work.
  • Implementing a youth-led virtual space for Indigenous evaluation (i.e., a Teams chat, Discord
    server, etc.)