2024 Indigenous Evaluation Summit Closing

The Indigenous Evaluation Network convened its inaugural Indigenous Evaluation Summit online on February 22-23, 2024. The event fostered the emergence of creative and enthusiastic energies aimed at bolstering the practice and methodologies of Indigenous evaluation. The summit marked a significant milestone in advancing Indigenous evaluation practices, signalling a renewed commitment to enhancing research methodologies and evaluation frameworks. This historic event promises to impact Indigenous evaluation and its practitioners.  

A new fire is lit.

The Summit united 220 evaluators and program staff to share their experiences with evaluation practices. It hosted a significant cultural component to honour Elders and Drum Groups from the four directions for the opening and closing ceremonies and blessings. Elders and Knowledge Holders also sat with us to unpack Indigenous cultural knowledge about evaluation. The Summit gathered further guidance on the contributions evaluation can make to programs and community decision-making by sharing knowledge and planning for the future.